wintery weekend at june lake

We left the high desert behind this weekend and headed 1.5 hours drive north to the pine trees and snow-covered mountains of June Lake for a snowboarding/skiing weekend at the family cabin of our friends Adam and Ellen.  (This is the same place we went on our ‘group honeymoon’ after our wedding.)

It was a big crew, but we somehow managed to ski/snowboard together for much of the time on June Mountain.  Great weather and even better company made for an awesome weekend!

View from the slopes:

Taking a break with Ellen and Kristen:

I finally ‘went for it’ and made a bit of snowboarding progress…

Steve perfected his flip, managing to document it himself mid-flight…

You can view the rest of the photos here.

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1 Response to wintery weekend at june lake

  1. Dee says:

    Very cool pics! and a great way to keep up with your adventures

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