bishop update

We’re into our final week here in Bishop before we fly east for Rios’ wedding.  After the wedding we’ll fly back to Los Angeles to make our way slowly back across the country (with another brief stop in Bishop, of course!)  I’m not feeling as strong as I had hoped to at this point and Mandala is looking as unattainable as ever, but its been a fun and cathartic few weeks and Angie has been steadily progressing toward her goal of climbing at the V3 level with a new level of focus unseen until now.

I also caught my first rainbow trout yesterday which was very exciting.  Unfortunately he seemed a little small (about 20 cm) so I threw him back – but hopefully more to come on this front!

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks up here:

Angie on one of her Big Projects for the trip: Funky Tut at the Buttermilks

Hillary setting up for the drifter move on High Plains Drifter

Angie sending her project, Sunburst Seahorse  at the Happies

Tung flexing for the camera on Evilution

And Jeffers also on Evilution

Toby making it look easy at the Happies

Liz posing at the top of the same slab (as usual!)

And Angie making her way up the same problem

Liz gliding through the Iron Man Traverse

Me demonstrating the correct fall technique on Jedi Mind Tricks

Me dispatching a long-time project at the Buttermilks, Stained Glass

Toby trying to teach us how to cast more elegantly on the Owens River

Major disappointment at finding the road to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest snowed in!

Chad’s new route at the Sads, The Abolitionist

Christina on Flyboy Stand

Chris working the Bowling Pin

My project for this trip (and probably the next few too!), the Mandala

Well, that’s all for now folks!

View more of our Bishop pics here and here

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