moe’s valley

Our Bishop friends had planned a week of bouldering in St. George, Utah the week we were supposed to hit the road, so we changed up our plan and went along to check out Moe’s Valley (the name being a take on the more well known Joe’s Valley in central Utah).  Although the rock can be a little soft at times, it’s definitely a spot worth checking out.  Here are a few of our pictures:

Angie “climbing like a model” (according to my grandmother)

Reed scoping the final moves on Fin Arete

Angie on an unnamed V2

Marsha on a tricky dyno problem

Cal on Basooka Tooth

Me on the Basooka Tooth throw

Marsha hanging out at Gription

Reed working Gription

Me climbing like I mean it on Show of Hands

Camping nearby in Snow Canyon

Lola basking in the glow of her red velvet Voodoo pad

Marsha on Spider Drum

Angie on Spider Drum

Barrel Cacti

Blooming cacti

Angie sending her first V3!

Lola, King of the Valley!

Yes, I would like some of that delicious sandwich

Man and beast

The three amigos

View all our Moe’s photo’s here

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1 Response to moe’s valley

  1. frederd says:

    nice photos! I wish I could have gone with you guys!

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