canoeing in new paltz

Here are a few quick pictures from an early morning canoe outing with Chad a week or two ago.  The lake is 15 minutes from his house in upstate New York.  After several hours of paddling, we made it back home for breakfast burritos by 8:30am!

Here are a few shots of the the lake pre-sunrise:

Beavers, two seconds before whapping their tails in alarm

Tail whap!

A swan we tracked through the mist

Sunrise finally!

Two bald eagles atop a dead tree right in our path

Land ahoy!

You can view all our pics in high res here.

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2 Responses to canoeing in new paltz

  1. I’m so impressed by all of the wildlife…!

  2. Sara Kirsner says:

    Who knew that New Paltz was so gorgeous?! I guess maybe you did :)
    I cannot wait to see the Africa adventures.

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