Finally we’ve put aside some time to upload pictures and enjoy the luxuries of living in a house in Cape Town – big up to Cathy and Andrew for hosting us!  Its been very educational seeing some of Andrew’s DIY projects first hand (home-brew, panchetta, mozzarella, french bread, hummus, droewors and biltong!). We’ll post a few pictures when we get a chance.

Angie on a scary slab at Fields of Joy


So we’ve been in South Africa for almost three months now comprising a solid season at Rocklands and side-trips to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kruger, Waterval Boven and Montagu. It’s been really fun to plug into the communal psych at De Pakhuys campsite and get down to some serious cranking (yes, those are biceps on Angie!) During the course of the season, Angie’s brother Rob joined us for five weeks (his first overseas trip ever!) and our New York friend Chad came out for four weeks. We also met a bunch of awesome guys (and some euro’s :-)) living out the dream at De Pakhuys!

Steve stretching on Roof on Fire


Angie being very attentively spotted on Roadside Roof


Jimbo focusing on As the Day Breaks


Jimbo slapping the rail on Minky


Steve flexing on Black Velvet


Robbie looking serious on Fields of Joy Face


Steve styling on Ulaan Baatar


Angie working her way Up the Spout


Chad outrunning his spotter on Vlad the Impaler


Steve emerging into the light on Winnie


Chad sampling Roof on Fire


Cody grabbing the “peanut” on a redpoint burn on Madiba


Arjan working hard on The Big Short


Cody opening his Kleinfontein project, Solitude


Marijus enjoying day 45 on The Vice


I started working a problem at the old campground called “The Arch” with Arjan a few weeks ago. The problem which climbs an arch above a bubbling stream was broken several years ago by Christian Core who then re-climbed it on the remaining micro-crimps. I was surprised when both Arjan and I found sequences though the middle crux and the problem suddenly became conceivable. The climb definitely played to my strengths (primarily height!) however I was very psyched to put it all together. I straightened out the original finish to the problem, which I think makes for slightly cleaner climbing – both feel about the same difficulty to me.

The Campground Arch

I went up to the roadside boulders with Willem and Dave one cold evening for a fun night session. In the cooler temps Dave proudly sent his project (Sunset Arete) and I managed to jump on his send train. We then walked up to Pendragon and I tried Oral Office a few times without success before repeating Pendragon for some much needed crimp training.


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