where the wild things are

A few animal pics from our africa adventures so far. The full set can be viewed here:

Angie in the lions den (tame lions being gradually reintroduced to the wild)


We found this squid washed up on Kommetjie beach


The penguin mafia doing a perimeter check at Boulders beach


We followed this wild pride of lions for half an hour while they scouted for prey at Nottens Bush Camp, Sabi Sands


Little elly telling us to p*ss off


Hyena keeping a close watch on a leopard kill


Leopard kill


Male leopard guards his prey (stolen away from a female leopard with two hungry pups!)


Elephant graveyard (sort of)


Black rhino chilling at a waterhole

Little elly doing a dance for us


Baby giraffe with an itch


Zebra munching on some grass


Hippo’s hanging out (but not swimming – which they can’t do)


Very well camouflaged owl right next to our campsite in Kruger


Ground hornbill


Zebra scooting across the road in front of us


Nyala walking though our rest spot


Wildebees (translation: wild beast) looking on


Warthogs having dinner on Vic Falls main street


Lazy lions


Elephant posing for the PPC cement logo


African sunset


The milky way


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8 Responses to where the wild things are

  1. Givens says:

    Angie – this is unbelievable! These look like they are direct from NatGeo. Is the Milky Way pic taken with some kind of crazy camera, or is that how the sky looks? I am dripping with jealousy!

  2. Emily Ward says:

    Angie – love your blog! What you are doing is sooo inspiring. Thank you for sharing all of your adventures and photos.

  3. angiebradshaw says:

    meg and emily! so nice to hear from you both and glad you enjoyed the photos/etc.

    meg, to answer your question, we used tripod (to hold the camera steady) and a digital SLR camera to take the starry sky, but in real life it looked just about like it came out in the photo.

  4. Amanda says:

    Angie and Steve – these pictures are out of this world. It makes me slightly depressed even looking through them. So happy for you guys – absolutely living vicariously through you both. Amazing. Lots of love xoxo

  5. Andrew Visser says:

    Hey guys,

    Pics look awesome. The rhino one in particular.

  6. lauren keeton says:

    I am so happy for you both. Looks like you are having the time of your life. I’m sure your stories and pictures make everyone want to drop everything and just travel for a bit. I know how that’s how it makes me feel.

  7. Heather Schultz says:

    Angie and Steve!! Such AMAZING photos! Love them. Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

  8. Angie Bradshaw says:

    Thanks Heather! When’s your photo blog coming out? :) I’ve loved seeing your photos via Facebook…I’m so impressed!

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