Mooiste Meisie


Angie and I went back to the Cedarberg last week to catch the last cold snap of the season, enjoying for the first time the overwhelming luxuries of a De Pakhuys cabin (shelter and warmth!)  Unfortunately, after a trying week of failed late night attempts on Mooiste Meisie (my adopted project for the season) I had pretty much given up all hope of sending.  So on our last day I headed up alone to fetch the pads to load up the car (expecting midday conditions to be too warm to warrant a last effort).  Approaching the climb however, I noticed a nice little breeze had picked up and by stripping down to my boxers and crawling into a cave, I was able to cool down enough to give it a last try.

After a few close burns I realized excitedly that it might actually go and after psyching up properly and refusing to slip off the lower footholds I finally put Mooiste Meisie to rest!  Yes!!  Thank you Angie for all the support on our late night forrays!

Here’s the send video (apologies for my boxers)

(Angie thought I should explain to our non-climbing readers that boulder problems often have names and that this one, Mooiste Meisie was named by a visiting Swiss climber (Fred Nicole) after a very popular South Africa Afrikaans pop song, literally meaning “Prettiest Girl”.  You can hear the original song in the background of the video above.)

While working the problem Angie and I had a very inquisitive Genet cat come right up to us (at one point startling Angie just a meter of her face) showing absolutely no fear whatsoever.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us – but if you’re curious this is what a Genet cat looks like.  Our one was bright yellow and about 1.5m in length nose-to-tail).

So farewell Rocklands! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re back…



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1 Response to Mooiste Meisie

  1. Caroline says:

    Good job Steeve!!! Nice blog, enjoy!! See you guys in Paris?

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