so long cape town. hello argentina!

We can’t believe that 6 months have rolled by since we touched down in South Africa, but its sadly time to say goodbye to the Mother City. Tomorrow morning we fly to Buenos Aires and on to Patagonia where we’ll be studying Spanish, doing some climbing and working on a farm.

Here are a few last pics of Cape Town taken by a friend, Kaitlin Yapchain (Yap), on her recent visit:

You can see more of Yap’s trip here

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2 Responses to so long cape town. hello argentina!

  1. furfilled says:

    Beautiful photos. I can’t wait to hear more about your South America leg! (You just missed us – Josh and I were in Argentina/Antarctica for the last few weeks.)

  2. Paul King says:

    Hi Steve and Angie,

    Dirk Smith and Jono referred me to you as I’m also in Argentina, Buenos Aires right now and heading down to Bariloche soon and I’m keen to do some climbing.

    Let me know if you are indeed going to Bariloche and keen to hook up and do some routes.


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