transkei road trip, pt 1

In early December, we hit the road with Steve’s parents, Dee and Mike, heading to Bulungula Lodge, a backpackers perched next to the ocean in a remote Transkei village, a two day drive from Cape Town.

From a map, the village doesn’t look that far from the main road. But getting there requires carefully navigating dirt roads filled with pot holes. This means that the village is over a two hour drive off the main road and therefore very removed from civilization. All around, simple rondavals painted turquoise and pink dot the rolling green hills.

View of the lodge:

Mike and Dee’s hut is on the far right, ours is the next one to the right:

Soaking it in:

The village owns 50 percent of the lodge, and we were able to tour the village–as well as see the local preschool which is run by the Bulungula Incubator, a non-profit which the lodge has founded.

View from the school’s veggie garden:

Dee at our morning pancake breakfast on the sand dunes:

The beach was simply stunning. I’ve never, ever seen so many shells and coral washed to shore.




It seems the school was also inspired:

The lodge definitely showed how you can do a lot with little water–their hot rocket showers were powered by paraffin…and its composting toilets gave Mike some new jokes.

All in all, it was a peaceful retreat but also gave us all much to think about.

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