travel update

We’re on our way to Santiago, Chile tomorrow and then on to Mexico for some climbing and some more Spanish. Give us a shout if you can join up with us in Mexico over the next few months. We’ll likely be in the region of El Chonta and Jilotopec a few hours from Mexico City. Otherwise, mucho suerte!
– Stangie

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4 Responses to travel update

  1. Randy Rittel says:

    Great pictures. I hope you are keeping journals of your experience. Great book/article material. But at the very least great story material for your grandchildren.

    One of Dee’s comments at the wedding was something along the lines of “the two of them will embark on their adventures”. You did not take long to prove her right!

    Be careful in Mexico!

  2. Rob Rittel says:

    Where in Mexico is El Chonta? I can’t find it on google maps.

  3. capetownsteve says:

    Close to Taxco in the State of Guerrera about 2 hours south of Mexico City

  4. Fortes says:


    Great blog, amazing photos and places

    Cant wait to read about your aventures here in mexico je

    I hope i finish working Soon so i can go climbing again with u guys

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