aguacatitlan and the most unusual roommate we’ve had yet

A friendly Toluca climber, Jaime, invited us to come visit him and his family in Toluca, about an hour south of Mexico City. Jaime’s mother spoiled us with delicious home-cooked meals and also introduced us to Moses, the three foot pet iguana that lives sans-cage in the guest room, where we slept!

Luckily, despite being pretty ferocious-looking, Moses was actually quite mild-mannered. Here he is, sunning himself in the garden and then getting ready for bed, two feet from our own bed. (My pack just happened to be on route to his perch.)





After a day with Jaime and his friend, Marco, in El Chonta, we headed to a local crag called Aguacatitlan (Place of Avocados), a picturesque volcanic crag overlooking a mouthwatering orchard of fruit trees.

Emilio, another Toluca local, climbing the first of a two pitch 5.11 sport route


Emilio fighting to get a clip in on Egoismo, 5.12b


Focus! Steve on the crux of a 5.12 right of Egoismo



A football-sized avispera, or wasp nest, at the chains of a warm-up.


One of the cool succulents that decorate the walls of Aguacatitlan


And we learned something new: apparently, sun umbrellas are useful things to bring to the mountains.

Emilio and Jaime trying to look manly with said sun umbrella



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