getting pumped in actopan

Actopan is a fun, pumpy andesite cave of volcanic origin about an hour and a half North of Mexico City (DF) and is the last major developed area in the central Mexico region (alongside Jilo, Chonta, Dos Bocas, the Dynamos, the Manzanas and Aguacatitlan). has a good overview of the crag if you follow the Mexico link in their Crags section.

We finally got our act together and made a visit to the cave with a few DF locals, Javier and Ricardo, and a visiting climber from the Czech Republic, Petr. The routes inside the cave are steep and hard although a few of the lower buttresses offer fun easier climbing. The easier routes right next to the cave look loose and very scary!

The cave has a cool, airy feel and offers a welcome respite on a warm day. Although a few of the harder climbs have been augmented (i.e. chipped) most of the climbing is completely natural and the area is a must-see for climbers visiting DF with approximately 40 bolted routes in the area ranging from 10 to 25 metres in height.

Javier on his route outside of the cave, Traumatologia, 5.13b


Javier on another of his routes, the impressive Galatea, 5.14a



Javier, showing us how to fall in style!


Steve working his way up Galatea


Ricardo working the long and pumpy Tricitronga, 5.13c, that leads back into the cave from a handy pile of rocks at the entrance




The gang trying to look like Cypress Hill: Rich, Javier, Petr and Haku (below)


A few succulents on the walk down. The first is the edible and very common cactus, Nopal.




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2 Responses to getting pumped in actopan

  1. Paul says:

    I love your travelogue! It’s really inspiring for another South African couple hoping to do the same one day in the not-too-distant future! Muchas gracias!

  2. Angie Bradshaw says:

    hi paul! glad you’re feeling inspired! if you have any questions about specific travel stuff, or what to bring, we’re happy to help. (for instance, we really regretted our camping mattresses and would love to save others from the same pain!)

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