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all I want for valentine’s day is an 8c belay!

It was a classic case of winning ugly (read Agassi’s autobiography if you don’t get the reference, it’s incredible): the kind of send you’re not proud about, but you take to the bank anyway. I’d come really close to doing … Continue reading

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catching the tail of the dragon

What luck! Returning from lunch in Yangshuo, we happened upon a parade celebrating Lantern Festival, which marks the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations. Every few blocks, the dragons danced and and mock fought with frenetic energy The fighting … Continue reading

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fish, tortoises, and yaks: exploring northwestern yunnan

For a change of scenery, I set out on a solo trip to Yunnan, the Chinese province that shares borders with Myanmar, Tibet, Sichuan, Laos, and Vietnam. On my first stop, in capital city Kunming, the fish and flower market … Continue reading

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dancing with the stars: the 2011 petzl roc trip

After a few weeks of acclimatizing to steep limestone in Yangshuo, we left our creature comforts and headed to the remote Getu Valley, in Guizhou province, site of the 2011 Petzl Roc Trip. The train-and-bus network in China is impressive … Continue reading

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China unClimbed

With just two hours remaining until our bus will leave town, I throw myself at the route for the very last time. The route is China Climb, the first 8c in China and my project for last few weeks. I … Continue reading

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climbing in the ‘shuo

After a 2 week break (in GeTu for the Petzl Roctrip – post to come) we’ve come back to Yangshuo (China) to get our redpoint on for the next few weeks. Actually it’s really just me, Steve, since Angie has … Continue reading

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