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land of a thousand rainbows

I haven’t climbed in almost a year now (remarkable, i know. It might change soon.) For some reason I’m feeling a lot of nostalgia for Rocklands (a climbing area in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa. Also, home of Rooibos … Continue reading

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rocklands in motion

Welcome to our world tucked away in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa! This short film was intended as a quick cut of my footage from the past few weeks for a presentation at the Mountain Club of South Africa.  … Continue reading

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roadtrippin’ in the usa

Seems it’s about time we posted on our latest adventures. After Angie returned from Peru and I from Alaska last October, we picked up our car from Angie’s parents in Pennsylvania and set out on a new climbing adventure through … Continue reading

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la vida bella: spanish update

More to come from Angie, but I thought I’d post a few fun climbing pics and vids to spread the psyche before we fly out in a few days time. Wish we could have documented our trip here a little … Continue reading

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hobbits, whales and fjords: visual new zealand

We couldn’t have picked a more different country to break up our stay in China. New Zealand is famously under-crowded and a wildlife paradise. If green is the most restful color on the eyes, New Zealand wins. No contest. In fact, … Continue reading

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all I want for valentine’s day is an 8c belay!

It was a classic case of winning ugly (read Agassi’s autobiography if you don’t get the reference, it’s incredible): the kind of send you’re not proud about, but you take to the bank anyway. I’d come really close to doing … Continue reading

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off to sea a tiny tub

The weather forecast looked grim: eight days of stormy 30 knot winds, gusting to 40 at times, with plenty of rain. None of the locals could fathom why we’d venture out in these conditions–it was clearly the weather for a … Continue reading

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